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Mommy and Me - Ages 1-2 - April - June

Step into our "Mommy and Me" class tailored for 1-2 year olds, where music and movement combine to create magical moments with your toddler. This class is designed to enhance your child's early development through the joyful exploration of music.

Class Highlights:

Engaging Music Activities: Our sessions are filled with lively, age-appropriate music that captivates your toddler's attention and stimulates their growing minds. Singing, clapping, and simple instruments are part of the fun!

Movement and Exploration: As your child moves to the rhythm, they develop essential motor skills and coordination. Each activity is crafted to encourage exploration and self-expression through music.

Cognitive and Social Development: Backed by child psychology principles, our class aids in your toddler's cognitive growth and social skills. Engaging with music and peers lays a foundation for future learning and friendships.

Parent-Child Bonding: Share unforgettable moments as you and your child navigate the world of music together. It's a unique way to strengthen your bond and observe their developmental milestones.

Class Details:

  • Specifically for 1-2 year olds accompanied by a parent.
  • Limited to 12 pairs for an intimate and effective learning environment.
  • A great opportunity to connect with other parents and toddlers.

Our "Mommy and Me" class for 1-2 year olds is more than a music class; it's an enriching experience that fosters growth, bonding, and a love for music. Join us for a journey filled with smiles, songs, and special moments that you and your toddler will treasure!
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Mommy and Me - Ages 1-2 - April - June

$ 150.00
Prorated for those joining after April 13
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