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Mini Maestros: Instrument Exploration - Ages 4-6 - (April - June)

Mini Maestros at Case's Music is a vibrant and interactive music class specially designed for children aged 4-6. This program is the perfect introduction to the world of music, offering young learners a chance to explore various musical instruments before deciding on their favorite for private lessons.

Class Highlights:

Introduction to Instruments: Kids get hands-on experience with a variety of instruments, from keyboards to drums. It's a unique opportunity to discover what truly resonates with them before committing to private lessons.

Fundamentals of Music: We cover the basics of rhythm, melody, and harmony in a way that's fun and easy to understand, laying a strong foundation for future musical endeavors.

Interactive and Engaging: Our classes are filled with music games, sing-alongs, and group activities, ensuring learning is fun and interactive. This approach fosters coordination, listening skills, and a keen interest in music.

Creative Expression and Social Skills: Mini Maestros is not just about music; it's about expressing creativity, building confidence, and developing social skills. Children learn to express themselves, work together, and form lasting friendships.

Class Details:

  • Tailored for 4-6 year olds.
  • A fun, supportive environment ideal for young explorers.
  • Experienced instructors passionate about inspiring young minds.

Mini Maestros is more than a music class, it's a journey of discovery and joy. Join us to give your child the gift of musical exploration and watch as they uncover their passion for music!
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Mini Maestros: Instrument Exploration - Ages 4-6 - (April - June)

$ 150.00
Prorated for those joining after April 13
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